What do you see when you look at a dance? What do dancers see when they look at an image?  This workshop is a journey in photography for contemporary dancers and choreographers that focuses on their ability to articulate perception:  how the naked eye frames, selects, and understands information from the visual field. The workshop will mix dialogue and photographic action/activity. Participants will look at photographs and discus them. We will also engage in concrete spatial exercises using cameras to develop approaches to choreographic organization.  By exploring the laws of composition that photography deals with, dancers will not only gain a sense of organization of the two-dimensional image frame, but also of three-dimensional space. While photos will be produced, the process of getting there will be more important than the photos as objects.

This workshop has been produced already in three different contexts: New York (movement research), Vienna (tanzquartier) and Mexico (Prisma). In November 2009 it will be offered in the Masters progam in choreography at the Co-operative Dance Education Centre – Pilot Project Tanzplan Berlin.  An adapted version was done as part of the creation process of Do Animals Cry, Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, february 2009.

David Bergé is a photographer and image-editor, active in the field of contemporary dance and performance.  Among others, he has collaborating artistically with choreographers as Trajal Harrell, DD Dorvillier, Marc Vanrunxt, Kajsa Sandström and Lucia Glass. He has also developed a practice for dance documentation through photographing rehearsal processes, workshops and community events, rather than performances and shows.