Winter Workshop with Jill Sigman

The Web of the Work
Where does a dance begin and end? How can it reach beyond the studio or theater or even beyond the live act of dancing? This workshop grows out of my own explorations on this topic. In 2003, I wrote a short text about why I create experimental dance, printed it on little pieces of paper, and left 200 of them around New York City. I attached them to telephone poles and fire hydrants, left them in taxis and on subways, put them in the frozen food case in the supermarket, and tacked them to trees in the park. I have since explored ways to connect these webs of communication to live performance.

In this workshop, participants will expand their dances to create webs of information, ideas, images, or questions that lead into and out of them. We will create our own creative webs using three sets of tools: writing, objects, and internet. We will explore concepts such as treasure hunt, relay race, rhizome, and tagging. By the end of the workshop, each participant will construct a small project linking live movement and performance to a grassroots web that takes the work beyond the studio.

In the morning sessions, we will warm up with floorwork (Bartenieff Fundamentals) and  movement improvisation, and introduce basic concepts. In the afternoons we will work laboratory style, with small individual and group exercises leading up to a larger project.

This workshop is open to dancers and movement performers at all levels. It is also open to visual artists, musicians, graffiti artists, web designers, writers, and architects with an interest in movement and live installation. We will work on the boundaries between fields, thinking about how movement, objects, and words relate to each other and the spaces they are in. Participants need not have ample dance experience but must be comfortable generating movement and improvising physically.