“Fraskyv” – Method and tool in artistic processes in dance

By Caroline Wahlström Nesse and Camilla Myhre.

In our work as dance artists we have for many years worked at guiding creative and artistic processes based on body and movement. We have developed didactic models that can be put to use cheap cialis in encounters with both children and young people, as well as students and professional dancers. Our work is based on guiding or coaching starting from the individual’s viewpoint. In these processes it is the individual expression that is being cultivated, always in an artistic context. The work is founded in a phenomenological view of body and movement, with the lived, experienced body as a central concept.

An important part of our work has been about developing models and tools where physical principles, understanding of shape, expression, space and composition, can be seen in relation to the individual’s creative and artistic process. Through this a need has arisen to find new words and terms that can explain artistic processes in a more overall way and where the development of bodily knowledge is not separated from the artistic processes.

In this context we have found a new word, “fraskyv”, that could be understood as the opposite of gravitation, like a push-off, some kind of upward pull, a spring, momentum, or maybe as a shift of weight, transfer or a change in a wider sense. The point has been to find a word that can contain both technical and creative elements, and this word “fraskyv” is the starting point for this article.